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Something New Is In Your Hands!   


Demand for new creative work is at an all time high, 

so be heard and be amazed by what you'll bring to life. 


Time Starts Now!

All experience-levels welcome.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience (all timezones, countries).

Rates for both one-on-one and group instruction available. 

FREE consultation on which class fits best for your needs.

Contact Us for Dates, Rates, and Details.


This Is About You

Do you have an idea or project you'd like to develop?  Do you need a creative community to see it through?  The Creator's Lab is for you!  


Each week, creators of feature and short film/tv content, screenwriters, documentarians, web-series, and podcasters meet online to develop, screen, and receive mentorship for their ongoing work.

You'll learn best practices in: 

-Finding and developing the idea.

-Action steps for starting to completion.

-Constructing a schedule that works.

-Building a community around your projects.

-Sourcing available platforms for your work.




Start With An Idea, End With A Script


Develop your screenplay or short or series or pilot script with the founder of The Modern School of Film, Robert Milazzo.  Robert has taught thousands of students from across the world how to transform their ideas into pages and projects.  His acclaimed instruction will guide you from treatment to first draft through to a produceable finished material.

You'll learn best practices in: 




-A schedule that works

-Available platforms for your work

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