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Where art is an education, and education is an art.


The Modern School of Film (MSF) is an international live event-cinema series where iconoclastic filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, comic-creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and other renowned do'ers present and discuss the films that have most influenced their craft and their lives.


MSF has produced over 200 sold-out events and cultural series in cinemas, performing arts venues, galleries, and university campuses throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.


MSF events happen in rooms of 20 people, on stages in front of 3,000 ticket holders, and within digital interfaces for millions of worldwide users. 


All MSF events are curated directly by our roster of celebrity guests; integrating feature film presentation, musical performance, in-depth discussion, surprise appearances, and other social components to deliver a one-of-a-kind educational/cultural experience for all.


The Modern School of Film was founded in by Robert Milazzo,  a film instructor and filmmaker who, sensing a widening gap between craft and taste, thought a new form of film education was needed:


"I started The Modern School of Film with the belief that useful discussion of cinema had plummeted – consistently losing the fight with anecdotal, unchaperoned film-talk. 


Once the internet landed,  film gossip’ ruled the day.  Sadly, I felt our students were left with a mirage of what helpful information was.  So, MSF is kinda stealing it back: the idea that film is an human art-form, which has forged lives for particular reasons in profound ways, and can still do so.  I see it everyday with my students and I, with the help of our guests who have exquisite taste, wanted to share that with the public.  I’m as much a student of what we do as anyone.​"    


-Robert Milazzo-

The Modern School of Film
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