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The Modern School of Film was founded in by Robert Milazzo,  a film instructor and filmmaker who, sensing a widening gap between craft and taste, thought a new form of film education was needed:


"I started The Modern School of Film with the belief that useful discussion of cinema had plummeted – consistently losing the fight with anecdotal, unchaperoned film-talk. 


Once the internet landed,  film gossip’ ruled the day.  Sadly, I felt our students were left with a mirage of what helpful information was.  So, MSF is kinda stealing it back: the idea that film is an human art-form, which has forged lives for particular reasons in profound ways, and can still do so.  I see it everyday with my students and I, with the help of our guests who have exquisite taste, wanted to share that with the public.  I’m as much a student of what we do as anyone.​"    


-Robert Milazzo-


The Modern School of Film
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